1 year long EVS project in Sliven, Bulgaria – “Different but together- 2”

European Voluntary Service (EVS) Volunteering Opportunity in Bulgaria, at Sliven Youth House.

Dreams for Life is partner with Sliven Youth House in a lovely project which will give the chance to a young Romanian to volunteer for 12 months in Bulgaria.

About the project

With the “Different but together” we want to bring a European dimension to the partnership between the youth community and executive institutions working with children and young people different from others and bring them into the formation of adequate youth policy, subservient to European norms and morality of respecting differences. We will show tolerance, respect and support, perceiving and regarding others as unique with its flaws and differences. Through the participation of volunteers from Croatia, Portugal, Romania, Spain will encourage social inclusion and well-being of young people, promote intercultural skills and increase the capacity of the organization to use the European experience in youth policy formulation geared to young people.

We will create a youthful space and upgrade the experience of the youngsters in social Centers of family type and the Protected houses for orphans through “learning by doing”. With the support of the volunteers we will form different viewpoints and break the stereotypes of working with target groups of youth. We will work for the relationship of young people in the area of understanding and acceptance of differences in their behavior, lifestyle and achieving the adoption of the choices of the others.


Project aims to establish a partnership and implement the best practices of in-formal and non-formal education and active citizenship, supporting understanding between young people from the target groups. Young people and volunteers will initiate activities organized by youth for youth, reflecting and satisfactions the needs of young people in disadvantaged position.

With the project we want to increase the motivation for meaningful everyday life and work of these target groups. EVS volunteers and young people will apply the principles of cooperation and dialogue on making and affirming policies of intercultural awareness. They will try to establish mechanisms of cooperation and implement the principles of interaction between young people and local authorities in achieving sustainable policies. They will consolidate the various target groups of influence and implement youth activities, reinforcing patterns of tolerance and respect.


The project will promote the best practices and assist small municipalities in the region in developing a youth space and cooperation, protection of the interests and resolving problems related to social inclusion and well-being of young people. Will raise awareness of the EU citizenship and the rights flowing from it and increase their motivation for social, linguistic and cultural diversity.

Profile of the volunteer

Youth between 18 and 30 years old, from Romania, motivated and willing to participate for the whole duration of the project, regardless their studies, experience or other aspects.

Costs for the volunteer

All the costs are covered by the project (travelling until 275 Euros, food and accommodation, pocket money, insurance).

Financial support

According to the rules of Erasmus + each volunteer will receive individual support (91.75 euro per volunteer per month (1101 euro per one year.)

Volunteers will live in two flats (bedroom, living room, bathroom) in the city center of Sliven. Both are really close to the building of the Youth House. Volunteers will have wi-fi internet connection – fully covered by the organization.

The tasks of EVS volunteers:

• Participation in training seminars – intercultural communication, language skills, teamwork, development of ideas for activities;
• Presenting of the project, the activities and the EVS volunteers to the local media;
• Introduction to and communication with:
– the media, interviews, participation in TV shows;

– institutions, meeting with the Mayor of Sliven and the Director of Social Activities department,
– schools participating in the project activities
• Establishment of contacts with young people from the target groups – introduction of Protected Houses, Blue House, Resource Center for People with Disabilities, children on the street and Socio-pedagogic boarding school Hristo Botev;
• Planning of activities for field work with the target groups – together with the project team;
• Planning and preparation of activities, initiatives, public events, campaigns to achieve project goals;
• Informational campaigns and initiatives to promote Erasmus + and EVS – at schools, clubs, community centers, small settlements in the region – Kotel, Nova Zagora and Tvarditsa;

• Creating a photo archive for project activities and EVS – publishing on the facebook page of EVS – Youth House Sliven;
• Presenting volunteer’s work to the publicity of Sliven region through personal meetings, social networking, local press publications and internet;
• Preparation and production of presentations and promotional materials – promoting the achievements, encouraging the creativity of the young people and their awareness;
• Participation in planning and realization of activities and active communication with the Youth Council – meetings, discussions, debates, round tables, initiatives, open scenes, local/regional/international events;
• Evaluation of the project activities – monthly workshops, mid-term and final evaluation.
• Charity initiatives, eco-campaigns, activities in schools in the municipality and the region;
• Planning of follow-up activities for the realization of EVS
• Evaluation, analysis and reporting of volunteer service.


In our work during the project we will use:

– Informal methods – hearings, discussions, icebreakers, energizers, simulations and brainstorming;
– Method of change – creative work for learning about life skills /dialogue, trainings, implementation of initiatives, round tables, debates, etc.;
– Equality – respect for personal qualities, age and intellect;
– Group work – volunteering, teamwork, working with young people with different kinds of problems;
– Support – active hearing, games, visualization, work therapies – creative workshops;
– The Peer Education Method; “Learning through work and action” – teamwork, tolerance, imagination development, creativity, assessment, self-control, techniques for building skills, communication skills, communication techniques and group work, role-playing;

The volunteers’ role is entirely helping the organization’s work, as well as the involvement of the teams that work on the preparation and implementation of the planned activities, evaluation, generalization and popularization of the results.

Weekends and holidays – volunteers will have the chance to explore according to their interests: Excursions in Blue Stones Nature Park, sport activities, trips to other towns and villages, visits to cultural and historical monuments.

The project has been aproved and it will be implemented 100%.

The application and selection process:

If you want to apply to this project you have to send to this email address: romanica.bogdan@gmail.com the following documents:

– The application form (you will request it in the email)

– A CV in English

– A motivational letter in English

From the persons that will apply, 3-5 persons will be selected and will go through the second selection phase, made by the project coordinator from Sliven Youth House.

For more information and application please contact:
romanica.bogdan@gmail.com (the member of Dreams for Life, responsible for the preliminary selection of participants).


  • 1 year (01.10.2017 - 30.09.2018)
  • Sliven, Bulgaria
Personal contribution
All costs are covered by the Erasmus+ Programme