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Self-discovery pocket book

The Self-discovery pocket book is part of learning tools for personal and professional development. The tools are made under the project “ACHIEVE” – innovative methods for training and development of youth workers (2016-2-BG01-KA205-023835) funded by European Erasmus + Programme.

This tool is designed to help you to increase your capacities through personal and professional development. It will lead your process of self-discovery, reflection and self evaluation. It is based on two groundbreaking approaches: The Positive Psychology and the Ecocentric development. Both approaches have been tested and proved to be significantly beneficial for older and young people in various areas. They were proven to be supporting both the personal and professional development of individuals by making them feel competent, confident,
self-aware, self-motivated, pro-social and active. Moreover, the impact of embracing these two approaches has been found to be  astonishing especially in the area of learning achievements. These two approaches endorse a holistic method and a new perspective in  addressing problems by strengthening the individual to feel good and do good.

CLICK HERE to download “Self-discovery pocket book – ACHIEVE”

The project “ACHIEVE – innovative methods for training and development of youth workers” – 2016-2-BG01-KA205-023835 is a result of the cooperation between experts in the youth field from Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus, funded by the European Erasmus+ Programme under Key Action 2.


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