Emerging Grace

Emerging Grace – exploring the realms of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine

Emerging Grace is an intimate and courageous journey into the realms of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine. It is a space for loving exploration of what we know and what we don’t; of what makes us ache and what brings us alive. With the world of myth, image and embodied wisdom leading the way, this journey will re-member us as beings of Earth, carriers of the feminine and masculine energies. Together we will unearth our capacity to love and serve the Wild, through the expression of our unique, innate way of being. In sacred space and unconditional belonging, we will walk with the question of what it may mean to be a wholesome and wild expression of the masculine and the feminine forces. Gradually, we will witness the emergence of grace within us as we recover our rewilded selves.This is a journey into your own depths and the depths of our cultures, a quest for Earth-based personal and cultural transformation. No prior experience of the topic is required; only a willingness to explore, to move and be moved.

Description of the course:

The proposed framework for this course will rest on 4 pillars:

  • Exploring the feminine and masculine archetypes present in our psyche. Through cultural and personal myth, we will explore both whole and shadowy archetypes of the two energies in order to enrich our perception of them and our personal and cultural relationship to them. 
  • Initiating personal and collective healing related to the masculine and feminine. As a collective, we will create a space for profound listening and witnessing of ourselves and each other’s stories and begin weaving threads of healing. We will also explore the transformational medicine of cultivating a mature and courageous relationship with Eros.
  • Cultivating relationship with ourselves, the other and the Earth, as carriers of the feminine and masculine energies. We will look at ways to bring ourselves back into reciprocal relationship, as a response to our conditioned ways of shutting down or acting up. We will explore our personal identities as carriers of the masculine and feminine energies and reclaim our authentic and innate ways of being. As multifaceted expressions of these polarities, we will expand to our relation with the Earth and the more-than-human community.
  • Growing the grounds for more capacity to love. We will discover how a more liberated and expanded approach to the masculine and feminine streams that run through us might enable us to widen our capacity to love ourselves and the world. We will feel into how restoring and restorying the feminine and masculine within us can enable us to be agents of service to soul and an ensouled world.

How will we work together?

We will gather as a group on a weekly call with the intention of weaving a safe, intimate and confidential container in which people can feel free to explore new horizons and touch areas of vulnerability. The space will be facilitated by 2 experienced guides who will hold the integrity of the container as well as guide the individual and collective journey of the participants. They will do this by facilitating live, personal, small group, and wider group processes and offer tailored practice suggestions to be explored in between the sessions. Each participant will also receive 1 individual mentoring session with one of the guides throughout the course in order to deepen their personal journey. We will gather for 9 consecutive weekly sessions with 1 week’s break. Participation in this program also requires an investment of 2-3 hours in between the meetings, at your own pace, for engaging in the various practices and personal work that will be offered by the guides. 

A gender-balanced group:

As opposed to other offerings focusing on exclusive men’s groups or women’s groups, Emerging Grace is an invitation to journey men and women-identified together. This way, we wish to offer an opportunity to harness the power of hearing the other polarity’s perspective. We believe in the great healing power of witnessing the other and being witnessed by them in our respective challenges, vulnerabilities and explorations. We see a chance there to reclaim more of the wholeness of us through seeing ourselves in the mirror of the other. 

Practices and activities:

Even though the meetings take place online, the process will be highly experiential and is based on practices such as: the Way of Council, deep imagery journeys, journaling, guiding through questions and mirroring, sharing groups, soul-poetry, rituals and ceremonies, symbolic artwork, storytelling and mythology, shadow work, embodiment etc. The participants will play an active role in the process. They will receive personalized invitations and preparatory materials (videos, texts) to deepen their knowledge and experiences. The methods and approaches used in this course will be based on the work of Bill Plotkin, Miranda Gray, Robert Moore, Jane Hardwicke Collings, Francis Weller, Richard Rohr as well the guides’ personal journeys.

This program is for those who:

  • Feel called by the program.
  • Are willing to authentically journey with themselves and others.
  • Can attend the total duration of all 9 meetings.

The group will be made of 12 people. We are intending to form a gender balanced group.

Dates and time:

The meetings take place online, on the Zoom platform, on Tuesdays from 6 pm to 9 pm GMT (UK time zone) / 7 pm to 10 pm CET (France, Italy, Poland etc. time zone), 8 pm to 11 pm EET (Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia etc.). Below are the dates of the meetings.

  • February: 22nd.
  • March: 1st, 7th (*Monday),15th, 22nd, 29th.
  • April: 5th, 12th, 19th.

The guides of this program:


Lucie Klein (France/UK) – At the heart of Lucie lies a commitment to serve the soulful unfolding of all beings. From the red rock canyons of Utah to the dark forests of Transylvania, she has tracked and crafted her soul gifts. As a Soul Initiation Guide, Chrysotherapist and Geomancer, she dances with the veil between the worlds, exploring the subtle movements and voices of the human heart and soul, listening for their echo in the voice of the Earth. She is a lover of the Wild, a guardian of thresholds and a guide through life-passages. Through her deep listening, she tracks people’s mystery stories through life and guides them to awaken to their soul-rooted purpose. Lucie is an experienced guide and mentor with over 10 years of experience in nature-based human development and community building. A passionate apprentice to the Moon, she has spent the past two years deeply immersed in a journey of healing and rewilding her femininity. She is delighted to be a current member of Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft Apprenticeship and Initiation Programme at the Animas Valley Institute. Lucie was born in France and now lives on the enchanting south-western shores of England.

Bogdan 1

Bogdan Romanică (Romania) – When asked by life “What do you have to offer to the world?”, he answered “I am here to guide people find their true meaning in life and empower them to live it”. He manifests his life mission by being a nature based human development guide, mentor, trainer and inspirer. He sees himself as an active agent of cultural evolution, while serving the human Soul, the Earth and the Great Mystery. He believes that rewilding humans is an essential part of the restoration of human culture. In recent years he has felt a strong calling to serve men, by creating spaces and gatherings in which men explore their inner world and get in touch with the masculine energies. He developed his craft by engaging consistently in deep and meaningful work and training with the Animas Valley Institute from the USA (organization founded by Bill Plotkin), the Mankind Project, Illuman and other organizations and teachers. Born in Romania, he feels deeply connected with the lands where he lives, the hills, mountains and forests that spread not far from his city, Cluj-Napoca.

Financial contribution for the whole program: 220-440 Euros

There is a sliding scale for this program, which means you pay what feels right for you within the proposed price window. This way, we want to make the process accessible to a wider range of participants (The total amount can be paid in 1 or 2 installments before the start of the 1st meeting)

Contribution can be done through PayPal, Revolut or bank transfer.

Registration process:

You can apply to this program by filling in the application form available at this link:


Your application will go through a selection process.

If you are  interested in participating, we invite you  to submit your  application as soon as you can for immediate consideration, but no later than the 13th of February.


Lucie Klein – lucie@viamagus.org 

Bogdan Romanică – romanica.bogdan@gmail.com 

  • February - April (9 meetings)
  • From 18.00 to 21.00 (GMT / UK time zone), 19.00 to 22.00 (CET), 20.00 to 23.00 (EET / Romania time zone)
  • Online (on Zoom)
220-440 Euros (you pay what feels right for you within the proposed price window)