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Empowered Together – a learning experience for women and men (Erasmus+ mobility)

“Empowered Together” is a learning mobility course for women and men from Poland and Romania, during which we explore ideas related to womanhood and manhood and experience practices and activities that support us live more fully.

Empowered Together training is part of a WO(MEN) Empowerment project co-financed by the European Union, which aims to empower both women and men and create a safe space to explore, learn, connect and understand ourselves and others.

Empowered Together is a follow up of a series of meetings during which men and women from Poland and Romania gathered together to explore, connect, discuss and share, firstly during English workshops online and then on Women and Men Circles, based on The Way of Council method.

The Empowered Together training will focus on the following topics:

– Womanhood and Manhood
We will work on what it means to be a woman or a man in today’s world and have a look at our place in society, expectations and our response to them. We will discuss and analyse what gender roles we fulfil and how this influences our ability to create strong relations with others. We will have a look at power relations and dynamics and how they manifest in our life.

– Communication
We will develop our skills of deep listening and empathy, being able to communicate with people of different origins and gender. We will introduce the concept of Nonviolent communication, focusing on our needs and on the needs of other people.

– Relationships
Continuing the work from the previous two sections we will see what “relationship” means, what is needed to build strong, resilient and honest relations with ourselves and others.

– Society
We will see how on the one hand we can become more resilient and confident in who we are also in relation to an environment which is not always supportive; on the other, we will discuss how we can change the society by introducing some of the qualities we discovered through this project into other people’s lives. We will focus on topics connected to self efficacy, changemaking, empowerment, anti-discrimination.

During the training we will use non-formal education methods, which include among others The Way of Council, women and men circles, embodiment, working with music, working in couples or smaller groups, nature connection practices, art etc.


Participants of the mobility will:
– Develop their skills of deep listening, empathy and communication
– Get to know the Non-violent approach to communication
– Reflect on the word “gender” and it’s manifestation in our life
– Reflect on power structure and dynamics connected to gender
– Learn to build and sustain honest relationships with others
– Identify their strength and possible strategies to stay true to themselves also in face of social pressure and misunderstanding
– Understand the mechanism of discrimination and learn how to react for discrimination (the one they experience and the one they witness)
– Create social projects and campaigns which help to spread learning from this mobility among young people
– Get to know and understand better what the Erasmus+ programme is about and which opportunities it brings
– Develop their English and intercultural skills, feeling more confident working in an international group of people
– Be motivated to introduce changes in their life related to topic of the mobility


Participants should fulfil the following criteria:
– motivation to take part in a mutual exchange and learning process held in an intercultural setting within a transnational team,
– good level of English,
– ready to devote their time and work to the project in all phases,
– have official residency in Poland or Romania

There is a participation fee on a sliding scale between €50 and €100 (depending on your possibilities).

We do not want finances to be a barrier to participation, so please contact us if this is an issue.

Real travel costs are covered up to the Erasmus+ distance calculator corresponding amounts, using the cheapest and most convenient transportation methods.

The maximum amounts for involved countries are:
– 23 euro for participants from Poland
– 195 euro for participants from Romania


  • Arrival day – 16th of September (until 19.00)
  • Departure Day – 22nd of September (after 11.00)

Please, consider that only “green travel” will be reimbursed (which means you can travel ONLY by train or bus and not by plane).

To apply, please fill in this application form: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSex160lhMqiJt…/viewform

– Applications deadline: 25.07.2023
– Selection results deadline: 1.08.2023
If there is anything that may stop you from full participation and we could be able to support you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The training takes place at Spokojna Dolina (Calm Valley) in Beskid Wyspowy, Poland. Spokojna Dolina is an educational centre located in the mountains close to the forest (www.facebook.com/spokojnadolina1). They provide simple, shared rooms and bathrooms, multiple training spaces and vegetarian/vegan food.


EN Co-Funded by the EU_POS

  • Arrival day - 16th of September (until 19.00) / Departure Day - 22nd of September (after 11.00)
  • Spokojna Dolina (Calm Valley) in Beskid Wyspowy, south of Poland
There is a participation fee on a sliding scale between €50 and €100 (depending on your possibilities). We do not want finances to be a barrier to participation, so please contact us if this is an issue.