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Society (change)making – regenerative approaches for communities (Erasmus+ training)

“Society (change)making – regenerative approaches for communities” is a 8-day training course (+ 2 days of travel) co-financed by the European Union (Erasmus+ programme), which aims at preparing participants from Poland, Ireland and Romania to become active citizens and leaders of change in their own communities. “Society (change)making” training will happen between 2.09.2023 (arriving day) and 11.09.2023 (departure day).

This training is a part of a long term project called “Soil, Soul, Society – holistic approaches for youth development”, prepared and implemented by Dreams for Life from Romania, Siolta Chroi from Ireland and KobieTY from Poland. Society (change)making is the second training organized within this project. Soon (4-13.10.2023) we plan also a third training in Romania focused on Soul.

The program of “Society (change)making” is based on the direct experience of the trainers, active in the social field for years, as well as the results of over 350 interviews with changemakers from all over the world carried out in the last 7 years.

Based on values, passions and dreams and after improving social skills, such as mindfulness, creativity, listening and teamwork, the participants will create initiatives which answer real challenges of their direct surroundings and local community. The initiatives are expected to be implemented by the participants within a few weeks after the end of the training course as part of the dissemination process.


– Developing social skills which were acknowledged as fundamental in changing the world for better, such as communication, empathy, teamwork, mindfulness, deep listening, vision-making and sharing it with others, understanding change-process dynamics;
– Getting to know tools for effective planning of social projects and social businesses responding to the real needs of a given community;
– Planning specific social projects that can be carried out within a short time after the end of the training;
– Providing materials (descriptions of exercises and scenarios) and enabling people working with youth to empower their target group with ideas and actions for positive impact;
– Motivating to action, showing through examples of real changemakers from around the world that change is possible;
– Exploring various ways of being together, including for example collective decision making, or conflict resolution;
– Networking changemakers, people who implement or are interested in implementing social projects and bringing positive change to the society.


During the 8-days “Society (change)making” training course you will:
– Discuss the main problems of the world, getting basic knowledge from Global Education
– Sharpen your Changemaking Skills (empathy, communication, awareness, teamwork, building a vision, creativity)
– Meet local changemakers, getting to know their challenges and daily work
– Explore various ways of collective decision making and group managements
– Plan your own social project
– Learn how to speak about your idea in public
– Get to know how to seek resources for implementing social projects
– Meet a group of like-minded, engaged people who really care

We use active, non-formal education methods based on experience. We also include elements of coaching.


Participants should fulfill the following criteria:
– experience and good understanding of needs in the field of youth work as well as good understanding of the situation of young people in their local community and/or national context,
– at least a basic understanding of non-formal education purposes, framework and educational approaches,
– motivation to take part in a mutual exchange and learning process held in an intercultural setting within a transnational team,
– good level of English,
– ready to devote their time and work to the project in all phases, including preparation before and dissemination after

There is no age limit in the training course (beside 18+), we always try to bring different perspectives – from young adults till experienced middle or even senior age practitioners. As much as in the case of gender or origin, we believe in the power of diversity and putting together various perspectives.

There is a participation fee of €50 – €100.

We do not want finances to be a barrier to participation, so please contact us to discuss if this is an issue.

Travel costs are covered up to the Erasmus+ distance calculator corresponding amounts, using the cheaper, greener and more convenient transportation methods.

The maximum amounts for the involved countries are:

  • Poland – 23 euro
  • Romania – 320 euro for green travel or 275 Euros for travelling with the plane.
  • Ireland – 275 euro


To apply, please fill in this application form: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdHCGDWW5MNAT…/viewform

Applications deadline: 5.07.2023
Selection results deadline: 10.07.2023

If there is anything that may stop you from full participation and we could be able to support you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We organise and provide accommodation and food without additional cost, beside participation fee mentioned above.

The training takes place at Żywa Ziemia (Living Earth), located in Zakrzewo, close to Gdańsk, Poland. Żywa Ziemia is a natural farm promoting healthy living, permaculture and sustainability (www.facebook.com/ZywaZiemia/). They provide shared rooms, multiple training spaces (including beautiful outdoor spaces, presence of animals and other living beings as well as solitude and natural surroundings reducing “city” distractions) and vegetarian/vegan food, partly produced at their farm.

Please, have in mind that Żywa Ziemia is a place providing shared accommodation, and there will also be other people, including children, present in the venue.


EN Co-Funded by the EU_POS

  • 2.09.2023 (arriving day) and 11.09.2023 (departure day).
  • Żywa Ziemia (Living Earth), located in Zakrzewo, close to Gdańsk, Poland
There is a participation fee of €50 - €100. We do not want finances to be a barrier to participation, so please contact us to discuss if this is an issue.