The Tree of Light – international course in Cyprus

“Each thing – each stone, blossom, child – is held in place. Only we, in our arrogance, push out beyond what we belong to for some empty freedom. If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

About the program “The Tree of Light”

We are the generation of humans that knows the most about nature, but we are also the generation that is less intimate with nature[1]. One could say that we have fallen apart from our own nature. Like an incomplete being, we drag ourselves in the daily life, keeping us busy and afraid of the possibility of truly belonging to Earth and rewilding. And yet, isn’t something from deep within longing for this sacred reunion?

You are wholeheartedly invited to “The Tree of Light”, a 7 days program of

  • Remembering our nature, both outer and inner
  • Reconnecting with soil, water, leaf, lizard, bird as well as joy, grief, love, longing
  • Rewilding our tamed parts and unfolding naturally and soulfully in the world
  • Rediscovering the beauty of Earth and gathering resources to show up maturely in the future

The program will take place between 9-17 December 2022

  • 9th December 2022– arrival day in Cyprus and traveling to the location;
  • 10th – 16th December – the program (7 full days);
  • 17th December– departure day

We will be located in Akamas peninsula, right next to the National Park and we will be hosted at Aphrodite Eco-Camping.

The way we will work

The methods

This is a highly experiential and mostly outdoor program. It is based on non-formal learning and will include elements of Eco-Soulcentric Development and Rewilding Work:

Eco-Soulcentric Development Rewilding Work
·        Sacred ceremonies and rituals ·        Wanders in nature
·        Poetry ·        Hikes
·        Storytelling ·        Foraging
·        Singing ·        Bush crafting
·        Creative Expression ·        Nature skills
·        Council sharing ·        Camping (possibility to stay indoors is also available)

The principles of our work


This training course invites human wholeness, a mature and resourceful way of being in the world. We invite authenticity and respect, depth and lightness, grief and laughter, wildness and responsibility.

Soul-based work

During the program we wish to create profound and sacred experiences. Knowledge, information and facts are very important and will be provided within the training, but what moves us, what drives us to create a long-lasting impact in our field of activity is the joined elements of both intellectual understanding and deep experience processes that unlock the personal wisdom and deep knowing.


The whole program will gravitate around nature, what she provides as well as the grief we carry from her loss. We will approach her with respect and humbleness, as well as curiosity and hope. Perhaps we need to befriend more her darkness or her lightness, her nurturance or her fierceness. Let Nature be our guide in this journey.

Preparation to enter the realm of the program

Those who will be accepted in the program will follow a preparation phase which will help them to better prepare. The preparation phase will include personal invitations for journaling or wandering in nature as well as going through an online learning process (reading different materials, watching videos) related to the topic of the program.

Applying to this program requires also the commitment to follow the preparation process.

Art-based and ritual-based work

We’ll explore the landscape of the psychic inner nature through a variety of art practices, including creative expression, self-designed ceremony, solo exercises while wandering on the land, group work, embodiment, movement, voice dialogue, journaling, singing and deep imagery work.

Carry on the light

After the program we want to pay special attention to how you carry on the light, how you bring forth your learning into action. This phase will be as important as the program itself. We want to create a powerful impact. As a continuation of the experience each participant will have to share their learning with their community.

The guides:


Eleni Michail is a weaver of the ancient threads of Soul and Spirit, a deep listener and a deep see-er. She is a songstress of the sacred and an apprentice of the Moon. She patiently calls people to lose themselves, to the point of madly finding themselves.

Eleni is a Mindfulness Teacher, a Soul Mentor and an Educator dedicated in human transformation. She holds spaces, rituals and ceremonies in which people reconnect with their inner wisdom, their unique gifts and the wisdom of the unseen.

She has more than 12 years of experience in being a space holder and facilitator. In her work, she uses elements of Eco-Soulcentric development, ancient traditions, and arts. She works a lot with nature and outdoor experiential learning, offering opportunities for growth for children, young people and adults.


Bogdan is a human development guide, trainer, and mentor, from Romania. In his work, he is intuitively combining elements of psychology, nature connection, experiential learning, outdoor education, storytelling, and art. He loves exploring nature and the human soul. He feels in his element when inspiring and empowering people to become the best versions of themselves. He has worked locally and internationally in the field of human development since 2010. He developed his craft by engaging consistently in deep and meaningful work and training with the Animas Valley Institute from the USA (organization founded by Bill Plotkin), the Mankind Project, Illuman and other organizations and teachers. Born in Romania, he feels deeply connected with the lands where he lives, the hills, mountains and forests that spread not far from his city, Cluj-Napoca.


Marinos has a degree in English Literature and is passionate about outdoor experiential learning. Nature lover, self-explorer, artistic spirit and curious wanderer, he has a genuine interest in the mysteries of the Earth & how humans can live more sustainably. He studies the bio-diversity of Cyprus and invites adults to develop green competences and become true agents of change.

Practical information

This 7-day intensive program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Who can participate?

Any Adult who is willing to explore and develop themselves and after that to resourcefully inspire their community in a nurturing and generating life enhancing way.

The participants must have a good level of English.

The E+ funding covers participants from Romania and Cyprus, however, due to high demand, we are welcoming participants from other countries who are willing to cover their travel costs and contribute to the expenses of food & lodging with a donation towards the high end of the scale (50-200 euros).

What are the costs?

Materials, activities, accommodation and food are 100% covered by the Erasmus+ grant.

The expenses of the project are mostly covered by the Erasmus+ grant.

We are inviting participants to contribute to the expenses with a donation between 50-200 Euros based on personal financial possibilities.

The traveling costs (plane, train, bus) of the Romanian participants are also covered and will be reimbursed to the participants after the course up to the limit of 300 euros.

When and Where?


The program will take place in Akamas peninsula, right next to Akamas National Park. Akamas peninsula is at the very west of the island of Cyprus and it is considered to be an important area for the wild life.

The landscape there is breathtaking. The combination of the deep blue sea, the green flora and the shining sun is majestic. The moment of the year during which we will meet is an exceptional one. It will the beginning of the greening season after the long dry summer. The area where we will be, hosts several sacred and spiritual places. Among others, local myths claim that Goddess Aphrodite roamed, bathed, made love and fought enemies in those places.

Accommodation at the campsite

We will be staying at Aphrodite Family Eco Camping, right next to the sea. You will need to bring your own tent, mat and sleeping bag. If you are thinking that it will be cold sleeping outside, please know that the weather in Cyprus, especially by the sea is very mild and a good sleeping bag will be enough. We will tell you more about it after you are selected. However, we are tempted to tell you that this experience- sleeping outside, might be full of wonders!

*There is a possibility for a few people to stay indoors, in tiny huts, in a shared double bed.

The campsite includes showers with hot water, toilets, laundry room and restaurant.


We will be enjoying local vegetarian food, with few meat meals. We will gather your food preferences after you are selected.

Dates: from 9th to 17th of December 2022

9th December– arrival day in Cyprus (preferably Paphos airport) and traveling to the location;

10th – 16th December– the program (7 full days);

17th December– departure day

You are strongly recommended to land at Paphos airport. We will arrange pickups from there. If not, then next option is Larnaca airport.

Application procedure and deadline:

If you want to participate in this program you have to fill in the application form available at this link and wait for the selection results:


The deadline for application submission is 3rd of November 2022 (included).

The selections results will be published on 5th November 2022.

Tickets should be bought by 9th of November.

Looking forward to welcoming you in this transformational space!

Contact us:

Christina Michael – inspirationpathcyprus@gmail.com

  • 9-17 December 2022
  • 7 full days, 2 days of travelling
  • Cyprus (Akamas peninsula)