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Training of Trainers (ONLINE) – the craft of teaching, facilitating and inspiring

I am Bogdan Romanică (more details below) and I am a trainer and facilitator since 2010. Throughout the years I have worked with thousands of adults and youth, and I have created and offered thousands of hours of learning experiences and processes, that contributed to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development of people. For a long time already, I have a strong calling for offering to other people my knowledge and experience in this field. I have been blessed to do many beautiful projects and trainings, to meet many beautiful people and to learn from many fellow co-trainers. With humility I can say that I have a lot of valuable things to offer in the field of training and facilitation.

And I see around me many people passionate about education and human development, who feel a strong calling to work with people, to be facilitators, trainers, space holders. And this is great. The world needs facilitators, educators, trainers, who can feed the hungry people that want to learn and grow.

Therefore, I am offering my expertise in the field to those who are called to become facilitators of learning and personal development.

“Training of Trainers – the craft of teaching, facilitating and inspiring” is a unique journey of becoming a great facilitator and trainer. Created with care and dedication, the program combines the sharing of important knowledge, the development of specific skills, the expansion of personal power and motivation, that are all necessary for becoming a professional facilitator/trainer.

This program consists of

  • 9 online meetings of 3 hours each (see the dates below).
  • 2 personal projects which will be initiated by each participant during the program.
  • Access to educational materials (e-manuals, videos, tools, activities).
  • A support group composed of the participants in the program.

Themes and topics covered

  • How do we learn: learning theories
  • The experiential learning process (Kolb cycle)
  • Understanding the learners: learning styles and multiple intelligences
  • Facilitating the learning process
    • How to make an effective debriefing
    • Methods and tools for harvesting learning.
  • Competencies development and learning objectives
    • Understanding the needs and profile of the learners
    • How to plan the learning objectives and the development of competencies
    • How to evaluate the learning
  • How to structure an effecting learning activity
  • How to give instructions
  • Group dynamics and working with the learners
  • Being a trainer (code of conduct, competencies)
  • Personal tool kit: methods, activities, practices, tools
  • Planning and developing learning activities, sessions, workshops, and courses
  • How to create special effects in workshops and trainings
  • My personal style as trainer
  • Personal mission and vision
  • Questions and answers


  • April: 5 (Wednesday), 13 (Wednesday), 19 (Wednesday)
  • Individual practice time: personal projects
  • May: 8 (Monday), 15 (Monday), 22 (Monday)
  • Individual practice time: personal projects
  • June: 7 (Wednesday), 14 (Wednesday), 21 (Wednesday)

Time of the meetings

  • From 17.30 to 20.30 CET (18.30 to 21.30 Romania time zone – EET)

Why to participate in this TOT (Training of Trainers)

  • You will gain general and specific knowledge related to training and facilitation.
  • You will receive specific tips and tricks on how to do successful trainings that are not covered by general TOTs.
  • You will be empowered and assisted throughout the program to implement personal projects (workshops, trainings) that will build the foundation of your new vocation.
  • You will learn – practice – reflect, learn – practice – reflect, learn – practice – reflect.
  • You will be part of a community of like-hearted people, who will support each other.
  • You will develop your inner motivation to purse your dreams related to the field of training and facilitation.
  • You will build the foundation for a future profession that can bring you financial resources and make you more sustainable.

Important notes

  • Between the meetings, participants need to allocate 2-3 hours for individual preparation.
  • The program is not offering any official accreditation.

Who can participate?

  • Persons who are passionate about learning and personal development and who feel a calling for teaching, facilitating, holding spaces and inspiring people.
  • Persons over 18 years old with a good level of English.
  • Persons who can attend all the 9 meetings.
  • Previous experience as facilitator/trainer is not required.
  • The group consists of maximum 12 participants.

Financial contribution

  • The cost of this program is on a sliding scale between 300 to 600 Euros.
  • The participants will choose the amount that feels fair and is accessible to them.
  • The amount can be paid in 1, 2 or 3 instalments.
  • The registration is complete by paying a deposit of 100 Euros.

The trainer of the program

Bogdan Romanică is a human development guide, trainer and mentor from Romania. In his work, he is intuitively combining elements of psychology, nature connection, experiential learning, outdoor education, storytelling, and art. He loves exploring nature and the human soul. He feels in his element when inspiring and empowering people to become the trues versions of themselves. He has worked locally and internationally in the field of human development since 2010. He developed his craft by engaging consistently in deep and meaningful work and training with the Animas Valley Institute from the USA (organization founded by Bill Plotkin), the Mankind Project, Illuman and other organizations and teachers in the field of non-formal education and experiential learning.


For enrolling in the program, you need to fill in the application form available at this link:

The last day of registration is 2nd of April.

The applications will go through a selection process.


  • April - June 2023
  • From 17.30 to 20.30 CET (18.30 to 21.30 Romania time zone – EET)
  • Online
Sliding scale between 300 to 600 Euros.