Women Empowerment – an online program for women

We invite women currently living in Poland or Romania to gather online in circles to share our thoughts, emotions, experiences. We will meet regularly every Monday for six weeks in the same group of participants to discover ourselves and other women, being part of a safe environment and space for discovery.

During the online circles we will:

  • Have time and space to share our thoughts, experiences and emotions in a small group of women.
  • Explore topics connected, for example, to our emotions and emotional intelligence, mental well-being, sisterhood, being a woman in today’s world, personal values and mission, etc. Topics will also follow personal needs and interests of those who join the circles.
  • Meet other women, including women from a different country, and get to know their experiences, points of view, opinions, looking for things which unite us and celebrating our diversity.
  • Create a space in which each of us can feel safe and empowered to look for who we are and what’s important for us.

We will meet six times on zoom for around 2h on Mondays at 6pm (PL) / 7pm (RO) during following dates:
– 8.05
– 15.05
– 22.05
– 29.05
– 5.06
– 12.06

Feel free to apply if:
– You are currently living in Poland or Romania.
– You can take part in all 6 meetings.
– You have communicative English.
It doesn’t have to be perfect, yet circles would be led in English and it’s important to understand it. But if you don’t speak fluently – don’t worry, we will support you if needed.

During the circles we will follow the methodology of The Way of Council, which underlines the importance of speaking and listening from the heart. We will reflect, discuss, exchange opinions and take part in interactive exercises, which may include elements of embodiment, storytelling, working with music, working in couples or smaller groups, etc.

Application form:…/1FAIpQLScDGxbjXcFiMt…/viewform

To apply, fill in the application form telling us about your motivation and expectations. 29.04.2023. The selection results will be published on 30.04.2023.

Participation in the circles is free of charge.

In case of any questions, please, feel free to contact us:
– For Poland:
– For Romania:

Anna Książek – trainer, coach, activist, storyteller. She spent last years travelling and collecting stories of changemakers from all over the world. She has worked with women for many years, creating a space for growth and discovery. Passionate about topics connected to changemaking, global education, self-development, women empowerment, social entrepreneurship. Collaborated with various organisations for example Ashoka, Amnesty International, Scouting. Currently trainer and collaborator of Fundacja Wyobraź sobie.

Women circles online are one of the activities organised within the WO(MEN) Empowerment project. We already implemented 12 English workshops online and we still plan to organise:
– Offline circles for women in Skawina (Poland) and for men in Cluj Napoca (Romania).
– 5-days training for men and women in Poland in September.
– 5-days training for men and women in Romania in November.
– Preparation of Toolkit with description of methods used in our work with women and men.

WO(MEN) Empowerment project is co-financed by the European Union and implemented as collaboration between Fundacja Wyobraź sobie (Poland) and Dreams for Life (Romania).

EN Co-Funded by the EU_POS

  • 6 weekly meetings, starting on the 8th of May
  • 2h on Mondays at 6pm (PL) / 7pm (RO)
  • Online on Zoom
Free of charge